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Wound Patterns

Tactical and Trauma Simulator Wound Patterns

All wound patterns are available for both male and female simulators

Wound Pattern 1

GSW right chest entrance wound
GSW right back exit wound
Left inguinal wound
Right tib/fib open fracture

Wound Pattern 2

GSW left chest entrance wound
Left axillary wound
Bilateral below the knee amputations


Wound Pattern 3

Right chest GSW entrance wound
Left tib/fib below the knee amputation
Left lower arm amputation
Right inguinal wound

Wound Pattern 4 
(not available for THCT models)

Closed right leg fracture
Airway compromise

Wound Pattern 5 
(not available for THCT models)

Seat belt injury
Closed lower arm fracture
Right tib/fib open fracture

Wound Pattern 6 
(not available for THCT models)

Healthy body. No visible wounds.

Skin Tones
All simulators are available in African American, Asian, Caucasian and Hispanic skin tones.