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Voice of America talks to OEI about how the C-Celia Emergency OB suite is helping to save lives

Voice of America talks to Operative Experience, Inc. about the C-Celia Emergency OB suite

The Voice of America issued a report that found that hundreds of women in developing countries die every day from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. It’s also been shown that 30% of those deaths come from obstructed labor as a result of midwives being untrained and ill-equipped to perform simple C-sections. OEI’s emergency obstetrics suite C-Celia™, which recently won a Saving Lives at Birth award from the US Army’s USAID program, provides C-section training on fully operative, anatomically correct, simulated pregnant women with obstructed labor, along with the basic instruments needed to perform the surgery.

Voice of America’s host Linord Moudou sat down with OEI President and CEO Mick Navin to talk about the C-Celia simulator and the company’s commitment to leveraging its technology to help reduce mortality rates in third world countries.

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