Trauma Care Simulator (TCS)

A hyper-real, life-identical trauma simulator

TCS is a fully-realistic, high-fidelity, trauma simulator for comprehensive TCCC/TECC, and ALS training for academic programs, hospitals and emergency care services. Available in African American, Hispanic and Caucasian skin tones.


  • Assessment of oral and nasal areas
  • Realistic airway – intubation capable
  • Insert nasal & oropharyngeal airways
  • Manage difficult airway
  • Perform advanced foreign body removal from airway
  • Perform suction of the airway – nasal and oropharyngeal
  • Tracheal intubation
  • Supports supraglottic devices (incl. LMAs)
  • Cricothyrotomy

Hemorrhage Management*

  • Remote-controlled pulsatile bleeding and arterial hemorrhage
  • Bleeding control via pressure, elevation, and pressure points
  • Apply tourniquets to control bleeding
  • Apply junctional tourniquets to control massive hemorrhage
  • Assess and treat upper and lower limb amputations
  • Wound packing
  • Multiple and independent bleeding sites
  • Penetrating trauma wounds
  • 3 liter blood reservoir

*Available on models with wounds


  • Remote-controlled respiratory rate
  • Bilateral and independent chest excursion
  • Bilateral mid-clavicular and axillary needle decompression
  • Support to external ventilation


  • Remote-controlled heart rate
  • Remote-controlled pulses – carotid and non-injured limbs
  • Humeral and sternal intraosseous

Mannequin and Software

  • Full-body, wireless tetherless, and autonomous simulator
  • Ruggedized and water-resistant for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Realistic and lifelike 185 lbs weight (simulator weights may vary +/- 5%)
  • Fully-articulated limbs
  • Easy-to-use instructor tablet and software (iOS, Android and Mac/PC)
  • Two-way, headset communication system
  • Simulation logs
  • System “health” status with complete and real-time self-diagnostics

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