Introducing the TCCS Pro Series

The new TCS Pro Series from Operative Experience, is a revolutionary, fully modular portfolio of tactical trauma care simulators featuring groundbreaking, on-the-fly interchangeable wounds and trauma configurations; fully-integrated patient monitoring and all-new advanced software capabilities and scenarios.

With TCS Pro’s interchangeable wound capability, each simulator can be quickly and easily modified to support a uniquely diverse range of scenarios and training possibilities.

Plug-and-Play Modular Trauma Configurations

TCS Pro Smart LimbsTM have fully interchangeable trauma wound configurations with software designed to automatically adjust to specific limb features.

Realistic On-The-Fly Moulage Wounds

ECG Monitoring with over 20 different waveforms including Static and Live/Dynamic
12-lead ECG Patient Vital Signs (HR, RR, NiBP, Art BP, EtCO2, SpO2, T and more)
Multiple Waveform Display (SpO2, CO2 and more) Mimic Proprietary Defibrillators, AEDs and Monitors, including LifePak, Zoll and Philips

iOS/Android Instructor Tablet and Software
Clinical and Trauma Scenarios
Simulation Logs
Real-Time Self Diagnostics

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