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Medical Provider Level Casualty Care

TCCS Plus is a military grade, high-fidelity tactical trauma simulator for both medical provider level prolonged field care training and comprehensive all-combatant TCCC training, conforming to the Joint Trauma System (JTS), Center of Excellence and Deployment Medicine training standards.

Medical Providers
At the Medical Provider level, the TCCS Plus is a clinically responsive simulator designed to support physiologically-based prolonged field care training, including hemorrhage control, advanced airway management, closed head trauma identification, cardiac compromise, advanced respiratory disorders, multiple IV sites and advanced monitoring.

TCCC Training
TCCS Plus also provides comprehensive TCCC training capability, including remote-activated breathing and pulsating bleeding; emergency airway; humeral and sternal intraosseous; oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airway; wound packing; open fracture; midclavicular and anterior axillary needle thoracentesis; tourniquet application and two-way communications.

MSRP: $94,000

Hemorrhage Control
Bleeding control via pressure, elevation, and pressure points, multiple and independent bleeding sites, penetrating wounds, CAT and junctional tourniquets, and wound packing.

Endotracheal tube placement and intubation, BVM ventilation, tongue swelling for difficult airway, nasal and oral pharyngeal airway, and cricothyrotomy.

Remote-controlled respiratory rate, bilateral and independent chest excursion, midclavicular and anterior axillary needle decompression, and bilateral chest tube insertion.

Remote-controlled heart rate and pulses, humeral and sternal intraosseous, 4 lead ECG, unilateral blood pressure measurement, defibrillation and cardioversion

Remote-controlled airway, heart and lung sounds

Medication and IV
Intramuscular sites for medication and IV cannulation.

Ruggedized. Soldier Strong™.

TCCS Plus is a ruggedized full body, wireless and tetherless, fully articulated simulator featuring on-the-fly tablet control, pre-programmed clinical scenarios and over 14 hours of continuous run time in indoor and outdoor environments. TCCS Plus is available in five wound pattern configurations that simulate traumatic injuries from IED explosions, blunt trauma and gunshot wounds.

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