Tactical Casualty Care Simulator Female (TCCSF)

The World’s First Life-Identical Female Tactical Simulator for TCCC Training.

Introducing the world’s first female tactical casualty care simulator


The Tactical Casualty Care Simulator Female (TCCSF) is the world’s first simulator to provide high-fidelity, comprehensive TCCC training for a female patient. Anatomically accurate and fully-realistic, the female TCCS features wound patterns that simulate traumatic injuries from an explosion, blunt trauma and gunshot wounds. Simple to operate, the TCCSF is designed for training in prehospital patient care, wound management, airway stabilization and hemorrhage control.

The TCCSF features arterial and venous hemorrhage, humeral & sternal intraosseous, two-way communication and mid-clavicular and axillary needle decompression. The TCCSF is highly ruggedized, water-resistant, fully mobile and ideally suited for challenging, real-world training scenarios in any indoor or outdoor environment.


  • Assessment of oral and nasal areas
  • Realistic airway – intubation capable
  • Insert nasal & oral pharyngeal airways
  • Manage difficult airway
  • Perform advanced foreign body removal from airway
  • Perform suction of the airway – nasal and oropharyngeal
  • Tracheal intubation
  • Supports supraglottic devices (incl. LMAs)
  • Cricothyrotomy

Hemorrhage Management

  • Remote-controlled pulsatile bleeding and arterial hemorrhage
  • Bleeding control via pressure, elevation, and pressure points
  • CAT and junctional tourniquets
  • Apply tourniquets to control bleeding
  • Apply junctional tourniquets to control massive hemorrhage
  • Assess and treat upper and lower limb amputations
  • Wound packing
  • Multiple and independent bleeding sites
  • Penetrating trauma wounds
  • 1.2 liter blood reservoir


  • Remote-controlled respiratory rate
  • Bilateral and independent chest excursion
  • Bilateral mid-clavicular and axillary needle decompression
  • Support to external ventilation


  • Remote-controlled heart rate
  • Remote-controlled pulses – carotid and non-injured limbs
  • Humeral and sternal intraosseous

Mannequin and Software

  • Full-body, wireless tetherless, and autonomous simulator
  • Ruggedized and water-resistant for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Realistic and lifelike 130 lbs weight (simulator weights may vary +/- 5%)
  • Fully-articulated limbs
  • Easy-to-use instructor tablet and software (iOS, Android and Mac/PC)
  • Two-way, headset communication system
  • Simulation logs
  • System “health” status with complete and real-time self-diagnostics

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