Improving Patient Care Under Fire.

Operative Experience’s tactical trauma simulators are designed to provide our military and first responders with ultra-realistic training in point-of-injury care and comprehensive TCCC protocol.

Tactical Casualty Care Simulator

A ruggedized, soldier-form simulator for comprehensive Tactical Combat Casualty Care preparation, available in 5 standard wound pattern configurations that simulate injuries from an IED followed by an ambush.

Tactical Hemorrhage Control Trainer

Full-sized, remotely-activated simulator designed for point-of-injury, tactical medicine training for law enforcement and first responders and ideally suited for training rapid assessment and treatment of trauma injuries in disaster drill and active shooter simulation scenarios.

National Stop The Bleed Day

Operative Experience’s Tactical Casualty Care Simulator was featured on Fox News on Stop The Bleed Day to demonstrate critical bleed control techniques that can help save lives in an emergency trauma event.

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