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U.S. Military soldiers assisting and injured soldier in the field

Tactical Medicine

Anatomically Superior.

Fully modular, high-fidelity male and female simulators build critical response skills

U.S. Military soldiers assisting injured soldier

Supercharge your
trauma care training

The Tactical Trauma Care Pro Simulators are a suite of the world’s most lifelike and anatomically accurate male and female simulators. The TCCS Pro Series is revolutionary. Its fully modular design features groundbreaking, on-the-fly interchangeable wounds with fully-integrated patient monitoring.  All-new advanced software capabilities and scenarios support a uniquely diverse range of emergency training possibilities. Highly ruggedized, water resistant, fully mobile, and with over 10+ hours of battery life make them ideally suited for challenging, real-world, indoor and outdoor environments.

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Tactical Casualty Care Pro Simulation Suite

Tactical Casualty Care Point of Injury

Touchscreen Instructor Control Software

Learn more about our easy-to-use, tablet and smartphone applications for
simulation control, assessment, and debriefing.

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