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A super-realistic point of injury casualty care simulator for TCCC training

Ruggedized. Remote Tablet Control. Soldier Strong™


A ruggedized, soldier-form simulator for comprehensive Tactical Combat Casualty Care preparation, available in 5 standard wound pattern configurations that simulate injuries from an IED followed by an ambush.

Simple to operate, fully-mobile and remotely operable, the Tactical Casualty Care Simulator (TCCS) provides the ability to create realistic and challenging training scenarios in any simulated battlefield or active shooter environment.

Standard TCCS features

Emergency, oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airway

Remote-controlled breathing with pulsating bleeding

Standard and junctional tourniquet application

Wound packing

Humeral and sternal intraosseous

Needle decompression

“In my roles as a tactical medic and trauma medicine instructor over the last 15 years, I have taught and trained with just about every conceivable type of wound simulator. I have utilized the OEIs Point of Injury simulators and curriculum for both military and civilian training courses and have found it to be a superior training system for teaching hemorrhage management to any product currently on the market.”

John “Brad” Gilpin

Available in 5 Wound Pattern Configurations

TCCS Wound Pattern 1

GSW to face causing hemic drowning, GSW to left upper arm, and fragment wounds to the left chest.

TCCS Wound Pattern 2

Shrapnel injury to neck; one oblique through-and-through GSW to right groin; a GSW to left thigh, and an open tib/fib fracture.

TCCS Wound Pattern 3

Traumatic amputations above left elbow, left knee, and at upper right thigh above tourniquet line.

TCCS Wound Pattern 4

Traumatic amputation above left elbow and left knee; sucking chest wound; burns to left side of face, and fragmentation wounds to left side of body.

TCCS Wound Pattern 5

Open abdominal wound with evisceration; traumatic amputation above right wrist; and deep avulsion of the posterior proximal right thigh.

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A ruggedized, remotely-activated simulator for comprehensive TCCC preparation, featuring wound distribution consistent with an IED detonation followed by an ambush. Download the brochure.