Full-sized, ruggedized simulator for training gunshot wound management.

Gunshot wound to the face causing hemic bleeding

Gunshot wound to the left upper arm

Fragment wounds to the left chest

Easy-to-use instructor tablet and software

The Tactical Casualty Care Simulator (TCCS) is a ruggedized simulator for comprehensive TCCC training with wounding patterns that simulate traumatic injuries from an explosion and gunshot wounds. Simple to operate, the TCCS is designed for training in prehospital patient care, wound management, airway stabilization and hemorrhage control.

  • Simulates combat trauma injuries and gunshot wounds for training of hemorrhage management and airway control with life-like tissue
  • Full-body simulator, realistic size and weight (6’4″ and 185lb) with fully articulating limbs for high threat extraction training
  • Simple to operate, fully mobile and remotely controlled for realistic TCCC field training scenarios
  • Two-way headset communication system
  • Easy-to-use instructor interface tablet (iOS or Android) with simulation logs and self-diagnosis
  • Remote controlled (up to 52 yards distance): respiratory and heart rate, pulsating bleeding and arterial hemorrhage with 3-gallon blood reservoir

Watch the video

Demo of Trans-Facial Gunshot Wound Point-of-Injury Emergency Airway.

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