Tactical Casualty Care Simulator Plus Female
(TCCSF Plus)

High-Fidelity Medical Provider Level Prolonged Field Care for the Female Combatant

At the Medical Provider level, the TCCS Female Plus is a clinically responsive simulator designed for physiologically-based prolonged field care training, including hemorrhage control, advanced airway management, closed head trauma identification, cardiac compromise, advanced respiratory disorders, multiple IV sites and advanced monitoring. Like the standard TCCS Female, TCCS Female Plus also provides comprehensive TCCC training capabilities, is wireless and tetherless and ruggedized for indoor and outdoor scenarios with over 10 hours of continuous run time.


  • Endotracheal tube placement
  • Tongue-swelling for difficult airway
  • Bag-valve-mask ventilation
  • Assessment of oral and nasal areas
  • Insert nasal and oral pharyngeal airways
  • Perform intubation – King LT and i-gel
  • Cricothyrotomy


  • Remote-controlled heart rate
  • Humeral and sternal intraosseous
  • 4 lead ECG
  • Unilateral blood pressure measurement
  • Carotid, brachial, radial, femoral, popliteal, dorsalis and posterior sensed pulses
  • Defibrillation, cardioversion and pacing (with iSimulate monitoring software)

Hemorrhage Management

  • Remote-controlled pulsatile hemorrhage
  • Bleeding control via pressure, elevation, and pressure points
  • Combat Application Tourniquets, and junctional tourniquets
  • Wound packing
  • Multiple and independent bleeding sites
  • Penetrating trauma wounds
  • 1.2 liter blood reservoir


  • Remote-controlled respiratory rate
  • Bilateral and independent chest excursion
  • Tension pneumothorax corrected by midclavicular and anterior axillary
  • Support to external ventilation
  • Bilateral chest tube insertion


  • Airway sounds
  • Heart sounds
  • Lung sounds

Medication and Vascular Access

  • Intramuscular sites for medication
  • IV cannulation


  • Blinking eyes with tri-state pupils

Mannequin and Software

  • Full-body, wireless, tetherless and autonomous simulator
  • Ruggedized and water-resistant for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Realistic and lifelike 130 lb weight (simulator weights may vary +/- 5%)
  • Fully-articulated limbs
  • 10+ hours battery life

Mannequin and Software

  • Easy-to-use instructor tablet and software (iOS, Android and Mac/PC)
  • Student vital signs and monitoring tablet
  • Includes five preprogrammed scenarios with on-the-fly and scenario writing capability
  • Two-way, headset communication system
  • Simulation logs System “health” status with complete and real-time self-diagnostics

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