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  Download Installation Instructions for OEI Update 5.4.3


This update includes several bug fixes and is recommended for all 5.1.2 and 5.4.2 PRO Simulator users.

UI Additions and Improvements

  • Support of Localization of Units
  • Ability to select ‘Metric’ or ‘Imperial’ in Settings Page to change Patient Temperature units as ºC or ºF.
  • Improved performance of changing and sending values for UI Widget Parameters Slider Popups
  • Fix for Scenario Area in Run Screen
  • Fixed color/visualization of Physiologic Parameters in Scenario Stage Control Boxes
  • Added an independent temperature and battery alert component to UI.

Software Improvements

  • Improved (saved) Simulation Logs now showing the correct Date and Time.
  • Simulator usage (Hourmeter) is now available under Diagnostics.
  • Corrected a series of connectivity issues.
  • Fix the logic of UI handling temperature and battery alerts.
  • Fix the logic of backend handling of temperature and battery alerts.
  • Change the implementation of UI header component and remove the raw implementation of alerts control within it.
  • Clean up the ionic routing related page caching issues and remove the active jobs when pages are cached.
  • Improved Battery Level and Battery Charge status
  • Several performance improvements
  • Improved handling and managing of ECGs, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Temperature conditions