OEI provides simulation based training systems for surgery, pre-hospital and combat casualty care.
OEI sells its high-fidelity simulators, typically as part of a training program that includes instructional videotapes. Orientation and on-site training is also available.
No. Each simulator typically includes multiple pathologies and can provide training in many procedures, often including modular component replacement. For example, OEIs head and neck model can include replacement skull/brain sets with different pathologies. OEIs lower extremity models with multiple gunshot wounds provides practice for various pathologies.
OEI can provide instructors for on-site training and orientation.
OEI is aggressively expanding its offerings, and updates will be posted continuously here on the web site. OEI will alter its’ R&D schedule to fulfill specific training needs. Contact us for more information.

OEI also continues to expand the functionality of its physical simulators to include all organ, tissue and skeletal systems.

Yes. OEI considers research and partnerships that can expand its surgical product line.
Yes. The error rate for lower leg fasciotomy has been shown to have dropped from 20% to less than 3%. The effectiveness of OEI’s craniectomy training, and junctional tourniquet hemorrhage control has also been validated through independent studies.
For procedures that destroy tissue, OEI either provides modular replacements, cost effective refurbishments, or low cost task trainers. Task trainers enable repetitive cost effective practice to proficiency in a surgical component, prior to a more expansive surgery. For example, OEI’s emergency obstetrics training system includes task trainers for repetitive practice in abdominal incision and repair, and uterine incision and repair. Once proficient in these steps, c-section training begins from an open, retracted abdomen.


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