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Male and female TCCS Plus Pro simulators


Level Up the Realism. Turn On the Intensity.


PCCS Pro is the world’s first fully modular, ultra-lifelike, trauma care simulator for prolonged casualty care training

PCCS Pro is the closest you can get to treating injuries in remote, high-stress locations without actually being there.

  • Meets all 13 PCCC guidelines for casualty management
  • Fully modular – interchangeable limbs and wounds
  • Greater fidelity and advanced physiology
  • 100% anatomically correct (female and male models)
  • 10 hours + battery life
  • More complex training scenarios
  • Ruggedized for indoor and outdoor environments
  • African-American, Asian, Caucasian and Hispanic Skin Tones

The Name of The Game

The PCCS Pro from Operative Experience is a revolutionary, fully modular trauma care simulator featuring groundbreaking, on-the-fly interchangeable wounds from a polytrauma patient to a medical patient, and featuring advanced physiology and conditions, drug support, fully-integrated patient monitoring, and all-new software capabilities and scenarios.

With PCCS Pro’s interchangeable wound capability, each simulator can be quickly and easily modified to support a uniquely diverse range of emergency scenarios and training possibilities.

Male TCCS Plus Pro simulator with wounds

Wound Configurations

Learn more about each of our standard wound configuration

Wounds and Ethnicity

Choose from up to six standard ultra-realistic wound configurations, including gunshot wounds, amputations, open and closed fractures, and inguinal wounds featuring multiple and independent pulsatile arterial bleeding and venous bleeding

Each simulator is available in a choice of African American, Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanic skin tones.

Modular Wounds and Software Upgrades

In addition to the standard wound configurations, TCCS Pro allows you to customize your training scenarios with 16 different interchangeable plug-and-play trauma limbs and on-the-fly moulage wounds, featuring TCCS Pro Smart Limbs™, designed to recognize and adjust to each wound configuration automatically. Sim Pro app-based software is fully upgradable for additional scenarios, patient conditions, drug support, real-world patient monitor options and more.

TCCS Plus simulator monitor screen

Available Add-Ons

Want to know more about our available add-ons?

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Technical Specifications

Modularity and Software

  • Interchangeable Plug-and-Play Limbs

  • Compatible for Add-On Moulage Wounds

  • Easy-to-use Instructor Tablet

  • OEI SIM Pro Software
    (iPadOS, Android and Mac/PC)

  • Compatible for OEI SIM Pro Software Upgrades

  • Smart Limb™ Recognition

  • Integrated Patient Monitoring
    (NiBP, ABP, CVP, Plethysmograph, Capnography, (extensive) ECGs & 12-lead ECGs, SpO2, Temperature)

  • Clinical and Trauma Scenarios

  • Drug Support
    (TCCC, Fluids, AMLS and ALS)

  • Maintain Simulation Logs

  • Complete Self-Diagnostics

  • Hourmeter

  • Virtual DD 1380/TCCC Patient Assessment Card


  • Full-Body, Wireless, and Tetherless Simulator

  • Ruggedized and Water-Resistant for Indoor and Outdoor Environments

  • Patient Decontamination Capable

  • Realistic and Lifelike Weight (Male: 185 lbs., Female: 135 lbs.)

  • Fully-Articulated Limbs

  • Hypothermia Prevention/Active Heating Blanket

  • 10+ Hours Battery Life

  • AC Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

  • AC Output: 24 VDC 6A 120 W

Establish Perimeter

  • Perform First Impression Assessment
  • Perform Patient Extraction
  • Perform Primary Assessment
  • Triage Patients Perform Secondary Assessment (Head to Toe)

Airway Management

  • Difficult Airway with Airway Complication: Tongue and Pharynx Swelling
  • Head Tilt, Chin Lift & Jaw Thrust Maneuvers
  • Assessment of Oral and Nasal Airways
  • Perform Mouth-Mouth Respirations With or Without Barrier Device
  • Perform Suction of the Nasal and Oral Pharyngeal Airways
  • Perform Foreign Body Removal from Oral Cavity
  • Realistic Airway – Intubation Capable
  • Supports Nasal/Oral Pharyngeal Airway Devices, Supraglottic Airway, Endotracheal & Nasal Intubation, and Blind Intubation
  • Perform Needle & Surgical Cricothyrotomy
  • Placement in the Recovery Position


  • Pelvic Binder Placement
  • Unilateral Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Heart Rate/Pulse Remotely Controlled
  • Multiple Heart Sounds
  • Assess Pulses (Carotid & Radial)
  • Sternal/Humeral/Tibial Intraosseous Placement
  • Chest Compressions
  • Venipuncture/IV Catheter Placement/Fluid & Blood Infusion

Hemorrhage Management

  • Assess & Treat Arterial Hemorrhage

  • Assess & Treat Venous Hemorrhage

  • Assess & Treat Traumatic Amputation

  • Assess & Treat Traumatic Open Fractures

  • Assess & Treat Traumatic Closed Fractures

  • Assess & Treat Traumatic Penetrating Groin Injury/Trauma

  • Assess & Treat Traumatic GSW Chest with/without Exit.

  • Assess & Treat Traumatic GSW Axillary Junctional Trauma

  • Control Bleeding by Direct Pressure/ Pressure Points/ Elevation/Wound Packing/Pressure Bandage/ Tourniquet/ Junctional Tourniquet. Supports all Commercial Tourniquets

  • Assess/Treat Entrance/Exit Penetrating Chest Wound

  • Multiple and Independent Bleeding Sites

  • Remote-Controlled Pulsatile Arterial Bleeding

  • Remote-Controlled Venous Bleeding

  • Penetrating Trauma Wounds

  • Blood Reservoir: Male: 3L, Female 1.1L

Neurological and Musculoskeletal

  • Bilateral Blinking Eyes
  • Assess Pupil (Normal/Constricted/Dilated)
  • Bilateral Pupillary Assessment
  • Apply Cervical Collar
  • Assess and Treat Fractures
  • Assess for Crepitus


  • Remote-controlled respiratory rate
  • Bilateral and independent chest excursion
  • Tension pneumothorax corrected by midclavicular and anterior axillary
  • Support to external ventilation
  • Bilateral chest tube insertion

Urinary and Integumentary

  • Periodic and Responsive Urine Output

  • Sensed Urinary Catheterization Placement

  • Straight and Indwelling Foley Catheters

  • Assess/Treat Burns

  • Bowel Sounds—Four Indepedently Controlled Quadrants 
    (No Sound, Normal, Hypoactive and Hyperactive)

Upgrade Options

  • Additional Interchangeable Limbs and Moulage Wounds
  • Additional Clinical and Trauma Scenarios
  • Additional Drug Support Library
  • Additional Premium Real-World Patient Monitor Screens

Product Overview

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