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Tactical Medicine

OEI’s revolution in trauma simulators was developed in close partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense specifically to meet the demanding training needs of battlefield medicine.  Of serious concern for the DOD was the development of a hyper-realistic female mannequin – the first of its kind –  which the DOD felt could be a real differentiator.

With realism, fidelity and the ability to provide instruction across the continuum of care, the OEI TCCS Pro simulators are instrumental in boosting critical thinking skills and perfecting lifesaving skills on the battlefield.

The partnership will also include the ability to train transitions to civilian care.  Hospitals within the DOD system will join in using the TCCS Pro, resulting in field leaders who have experience in the entire continuum of care.

U.S. Military soldier performing medical care
Female TCS Pro simulator on a hospital bed surrounded by University of Florida students


Schools of medicine and nursing, hospitals, first responder organizations and corporate partnerships across the globe make OEI the strategic partner for teaching and training.  The real-life capabilities of the OEI simulators present learners with shifting presentations and priorities to help build responsive thinkers that achieve OEI’s goal of better healthcare decision making.