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Healthcare Simulation Week 2021: United Training Center

United Ambulance Service Training Center

Today, for SSH’s Healthcare Simulation Week 2021, we are showcasing one of the OEI family of users who have integrated Operative Experience (OEI) simulation technology into their learning programs. The United Training Center (UTC) Paramedic Program is a consortium of United Ambulance Service, St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center and Central Maine Medical Center. The Center is an authorized NAEMT Training Center, Maine EMS authorized Training Center, Massachusetts Accredited Training Center, and is CAAHEP Accredited.

Susan Yurek is the program director and lead instructor for the paramedic program at UTC.   Susan was in search of more realistic trauma training for her paramedic trainees.  Prior manikins that they had tried were cumbersome and were not quality material.  They fell apart quickly and did not provide as realistic an experience as Susan wanted for her students.

Susan was interested in a solution that was more hands-on and could provide a better representation of what paramedics are confronted with in the field.  She also needed a durable, easy to use solution for her instructors.

Susan partnered with Operative Experience in August of 2021 to purchase the Tactical Hemorrhage Control Trainer (THCT), an ultra-realistic simulator with lifelike skin and tissue for rapid trauma assessment, hemorrhage control, and airway management.

The UTC Paramedic Program uses the THCT to practice tactical tourniquet application, wound packing and hemorrhage control.  The THCT is so realistic, the students were very surprised when the simulator first started bleeding.  They had to search for wounds providing a great environment for practicing trauma assessments.

Because of the realistic blood flow, the simulator helps students better utilize their PPE, and better visualize how to manage a bleeding patient.

The OEI simulator also allows them to provide a more diverse airway training.  The THCT has a different style airway than some of their other simulators.  During airway intubation training, they found it was best to “ramp” the mannequin a bit to get a better view of the airway. This helped the students problem solve.

Susan is also utilizing the IV skin covering, giving the students a different style IV arm.

Since the OEI simulator feels more like a real human being – including weight – it is helpful in lifting and moving patients.  The instructors can ensure students utilize proper lifting and moving techniques while moving the simulator.

As far as Susan’s instructors, they all found the OEI simulator very easy to set up and use.  The simulator is durable and easy to clean.  It doesn’t require any special products.  The battery life is great – no more cords running from the mannequin to a wall outlet.  The battery unit is hidden in the leg, making it more realistic.

The OEI product has a mobile phone controller which also makes it very easy to use.

Susan reports that customer service from OEI has been top notch.

Overall, Susan has been very pleased with their new THCT simulator.  It solved a variety of issues for students and faculty, and United Training Center is looking forward to developing many new simulations for their learners.

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