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Fetal extraction simulator

Fetal Extraction Simulator

Fully-Operative, Hands-in-the-Body Emergency Obstetrics Simulator

Fetal Extraction Simulator birth

Fetal Extraction Simulator

The Fetal Extraction Simulator is designed for clinicians and learners to experience and practice difficult deliveries such as suction assist and forceps.

Practice and master difficult deliveries.

  • Open (post c-section) abdomen provides a true-to-life difficult delivery operative experience
  • Low-transverse incision and uterus with a low transverse hysterotomy enable various extraction maneuvers and techniques including suction assist and forceps
  • Includes two babies for delivery
  • Supports thousands of deliveries

Fetal Extraction Simulator Demo

Demo of emergency fetal extraction procedures with complications using the
C-Celia Emergency Obstetrics Skills Simulator.

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