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Incisions and maneuvers skills trainers for emergency thoracotomy procedures.

Incisions Trainer. For bilateral and unilateral thoracotomy and retractor placements, simulated bleeding in the line of chest incisions. Includes optional replaceable incision insert

Maneuvers Trainer. Enabling pericardiotomy; cardiac injury hemorrhage control; aortic cross clamping; clamping of the left subclavian artery; exposure of the innominate artery; control of the pulmonary hilum; open chest cardiac massage; and internal cardiac defibrillation. Includes replaceable pericardium, multi-use heart, pulmonary hilum, descending aorta inserts.

The Emergency Thoracotomy Simulator will be available soon. Please contact us for more information.


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Demo of Emergency Left Antero-Lateral Thoracotomy.

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