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Finally, a complete and integrated training solution for the entire labor and delivery continuum of care.

Anatomically accurate. Realistic blood and fluids. Easy to operate.


Complications during labor and delivery are rare. But when things do go wrong it can quickly turn into a matter of life and death for the mother and baby. And, because obstetrical emergencies are so rare, practitioners and clinicians often lack hands-on, real world experience in many procedures upon completion of their training.

The C-Celia Emergency Obstetrics Skills simulator is the world’s first and only hands-in-the-body, open-surgery emergency obstetrics training system designed to fully prepare today’s learners for the high-adrenaline demands of real-world emergency obstetrics procedures.

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The Operative Experience Labor and Delivery Suite includes six smart simulators that provide practitioners and clinicians with the most comprehensive surgical training experience for mastering:

  • Vaginal Delivery

  • Fetal Extraction
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage Control
  • Emergency Hysterectomy
  • Emergency C-Section Delivery
  • C-Section Skills
“For the past six months, students, nurses, residents, and
faculty have trained on OEI simulators, whose contextual fidelity mimics real-life surgical details more than most models available. We recommend OEI for any simulation program and look forward to what you come up with next.”
Timothy R B Johnson MD FACOG, University of Michigan
“We have to help students prepare for and manage their adrenaline in an emergency. With C-Celia, I can make an artery bleed, which makes the students jump. They get the adrenaline rush that they’ll get in a real surgery and they learn how to use it in order to work through the situation.”

Lisa Graham-Coonrod AS, AAS, BS, CST, Manatee Technical College

Labor and Delivery Suite


The world’s most natural and realistic vaginal delivery simulator.

Fetal Extraction Trainer

Pregnant abdomen simulator for various extraction maneuvers and techniques.

Postpartum Hemorrhage Control

Open abdomen simulator for practicing various hemorrhage control techniques.

Emergency Hysterectomy

Open abdomen simulator supporting hemorrhage control and fully operable removal of the uterus.

Emergency C-Section Delivery

Pregnant abdomen simulator enabling full transverse or vertical emergency c-section through abdominal wall and uterus.

C-Section Skills Trainer

Abdominal and uterine incision and repair simulator for cost effective repetition of skills.

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Case Study

A C-section Simulator Prepares Surgical Tech Students for the OR. Manatee Technical College



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