Grounded in history, going forward with innovation

Lou Oberndorf, Operative Experience's Chairman and CEO

Operative Experience Inc. is no newcomer to simulation-based training. In fact, it began on those very shoulders of earlier generations of simulation-based pioneers. OEI’s Chairman and CEO, Lou Oberndorf, has a long history of pioneering in patient simulation.

We take a look at how that history has helped mold Operative Experience into a healthcare simulation leader with a passion for innovation.

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2023

March 12th through the 18th this year is Patient Safety Awareness Week.   This week-long observation of all things patient safety highlights the role in which healthcare professionals contribute to advancing patient safety, reducing uncertainty and improving healthcare outcomes.  These markers benefit all stakeholders in the healthcare space – families, the patients themselves, and those who […]

Can Obstetric Simulation Technology Help Reduce Maternal Morbidity?

Mother snuggling her new baby in a hospital bed

By Harlyn Heath The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes maternal morbidity as the “unexpected outcomes of labor and delivery that result in significant short- or long-term consequences to a woman’s health.” Despite advances in medicine, the country still sees about 650 to 750 maternal deaths annually. However, The Commonwealth Fund states that the […]

OEI’s TCCS Simulator Nails It for the U.S. Military

U.S. Military soldiers with injured patient waiting for medical helicopter to land

The United States military is the largest in the world. Ensuring that more than one million service members build the requisite knowledge, skill, and proficiency they will rely on in life-or-death situations is a considerable challenge. Some of the most critical training for the Department of Defense (DOD) is how to train soldiers and medics […]

Stop the Bleed – the Basic Skills that can Save Lives

Stop the Bleed training

With the increase in intentional mass-casualty events and the rise in gun and knife crimes on individuals, the injuries seen in the civilian world have become all too similar to those suffered on the field of combat. One such tragic event was the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012. The shocking loss of life […]

Welcome to TCS Pro – The Future of High Fidelity Trauma Simulation

Male TCS Pro simulator with an arm wound

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) has an enormous training burden to satisfy. By sheer numbers alone, it employs and provides training to more people than any other system on the planet. The number of women serving our Armed Forces has risen dramatically since 2015. Women among the enlisted ranks have increased seven-fold, from […]

In Situ Simulation Training to Combat Maternal Hemorrhage

A mother holding her baby girl

Figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that the maternal mortality rate has more than doubled since 1987, reaching an alarming high of 17.3 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. Worse, the CDC estimates that 60% of maternal deaths reviewed in a study were preventable. The Joint Commission has recently issued […]

Trauma Care Symposium Provides Realistic Transitions of Care Training

Doctors and EMTs caring for a trauma patient

Transitions of care is a hot topic in medicine right now. When multiple teams treat a patient in multiple settings, communication and the understanding of each team’s role in treating the patient is paramount in successful outcomes. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the case of an accident or trauma. In order to surmount, […]

Healthcare Simulation Week 2021 Showcase: United Training Center/United Ambulance Service

United Ambulance Service Training Center

Today, for SSH’s Healthcare Simulation Week 2021, we are showcasing one of the OEI family of users who have integrated Operative Experience (OEI) simulation technology into their learning programs. The United Training Center (UTC) Paramedic Program is a consortium of United Ambulance Service, St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center and Central Maine Medical Center. The Center […]

Healthcare Simulation Week 2021 Showcase: Brigham Young University College of Nursing

Brigham Young University College of Nursing

In recognition of this week being Healthcare Simulation Week 2021, we are showcasing some of the OEI family of users who have integrated Operative Experience (OEI) simulation technology into their learning programs. Shelly J. Reed, PhD, DNP, APRN, CNM, CNE is an Associate Teaching Professor at Brigham Young University (BYU) College of Nursing which provides […]