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C-Celia Emergency Obstetrics Suite

Meet the world’s only fully operable, hands-in-the-body simulators that deliver a true operative experience for mastering emergency obstetric procedures—from emergency C-Section to postpartum hemorrhage and emergency hysterectomy. Featuring life-identical soft tissue and realistic amniotic fluids and blood, the C-Celia OB simulators offer unprecedented anatomical and surgical fidelity that can be incised, dissected, retracted and sutured using standard surgical instruments.

Emergency C-Section

Practice full transverse or vertical emergency c-section and delivery procedures, abdominal and uterine incision and repair skills and postpartum and caesarian hysterectomy procedures including fully operable removal of the uterus.

Postpartum Hemorrhage Control

Open abdomen simulator for practicing hemorrhage control procedures, repair of complex lacerations and uterine artery injuries, and hemorrhage control techniques including Bakri Balloon, B-Lynch suture, Hayman suture and O’Leary Stitch.

Fetal Extraction Simulator

Designed for clinicians and learners to experience and practice difficult deliveries such as shoulder dystocia, breech, nuchal cord, prolapse arm and use of forceps and suction assist. Supports thousands of deliveries.

Postpartum Hemorrhage Simulator at EM Essentials

OEI’s C-Celia Postpartum Hemorrhage Simulator was recently featured in a live demonstration of bleeding control techniques using a Bakri Balloon device at the recent EM Essentials conference in Las Vegas

*Offer good through September 30, 2018

Celebrating Healthcare Simulation week.

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