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C-Celia Wows at National Obstetrics Meeting

A demonstration using the C-Celia labor and delivery simulator at the National Obstetrics Meeting

There’s nothing quite like seeing the C-Celia Emergency Obstetrics suite in action to demonstrate the impact that fully-operative, hands-in-the-body simulation has on training. C-Celia’s tactile, human-like tissue and realistic blood and fluids are uniquely designed to prepare today’s learners for the high-adrenaline demands of the real-world operating room and provide the hands-on skills necessary for mastering critical, life and death OB procedures.

Last month, a number of physicians and students took part in live c-section simulations in front of attendees at the national CREOG APGO meeting for obstetrics practitioners and clinicians. We were able to grab video of some of the simulations. The video shows just how real and immersive the C-Celia technology is. As one of our customers said, “I truly believe the simulator helps the students focus, manage their adrenaline, stay on task and be helpful.”

Special thanks to all the physicians and students that took part. Appearing in this video are:

Dr. Shannon Bell, Boston Medical Center
Molly Siegel, Boston University School of Medicine
Hannah Shakartzi, Boston University School of Medicine
Dr. Omar Young, Washington University in St. Louis
Dr. Tammy Sonn, Washington University in St. Louis
Dr. Maria Raquel Kronen, White Memorial Medical Center

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