Earlier this year Operative Experience’s Postpartum Hemorrhage Simulator, part of the C-Celia Emergency Obstetrics Simulation Suite, was used in a live demonstration of hemorrhage control techniques at the Essentials of EM convention in Las Vegas in front of a large audience of ER doctors and residents. The scenario presented is that of a 32-year old female who delivered one hour ago at home and has arrived in the ER with some very heavy vaginal bleeding. The instructor in this excellent demonstration is Dr. Jaime Hope, Attending Physician, Beaumont Health Royal Oak in Michigan and assisting her is Dr. Anand Swaminathan, Assistant Professor and Assistant Program Director at NYU. Dr. Hope walks Dr. Swaminathan through the various stages of assessment and procedures to stop the bleeding including use of a Bakri Balloon device.

Our thanks to everyone at the EM Essentials organization for including us in this incredible event and providing the full-length video for us to share.

Watch the video: