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Trends in Nursing Education and Training

There is a never-ending demand for high-quality patient care. Yet, there continues to be a widening skills gap caused by the early retirement of seasoned healthcare workers. MedPage Today stresses that this shortage is not a novel issue. A paper in Nursing Economics from 2010 estimated that more than 1 million registered nurses would retire from the workforce between 2010 to 2030 and take years of knowledge with them.

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Changing landscapes of military conflicts require rethinking of casualty care.

On the battlefield, care providers have what is called a “golden hour’ to apply their life-saving skills at the point of injury before handing off to a fully equipped military field hospital.

Senior Military leadership are warning that future conflicts with near-peer adversaries such as China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and others will create a “tyranny of distance” that will impair the quick evacuation of wounded combatants to a higher level of medical care. This creates a Prolonged Casualty Care (PCC) situation for Service Members.

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Grounded in history, going forward with innovation

Operative Experience Inc. is no newcomer to simulation-based training. In fact, it began on those very shoulders of earlier generations of simulation-based pioneers. OEI’s Chairman and CEO, Lou Oberndorf, has a long history of pioneering in patient simulation.

We take a look at how that history has helped mold Operative Experience into a healthcare simulation leader with a passion for innovation.

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