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Text Image: Think Real. Discover the World's only true-to-life Operative Experience at IMSH 2017

Unlike simulation solutions that provide learners with only plastic, or even purely virtual learning environments, Operative Experience is working to make medical simulations more realistic. Described as “fully tactile, hands-in-body simulators,” these products are focused on offering a far more authentic operative experience for obstetric, tactical and surgical training. Operative Experience’s products take medical training to the next level with anatomically accurate, fully operative simulators for a variety of pathologies.

IMSH and Simulation Innovation

On January 28th in Orlando, FL., Operative Experience will be bringing this ground-breaking technology to the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) 2017 show, giving attendees the opportunity to experience this more authentically tactile approach to medical and trauma training. As the world’s largest conference for simulation learning in healthcare, IMSH brings together professionals including hospital administrators, clinicians, educators and researchers from 52 countries. The goal of the conference is to share ideas, technology, and products that result in better training for medical professionals as well as more lives being saved.

Experience Real at IMSH 2017 (Booth #300)

As Operative Experience’s first time exhibiting at IMSH 2017, the show will mark the reveal some of the company’s latest simulation technology, from obstetrics and surgery to tactical casualty care. These are some of the hands-in-the-body simulation products OEI will be unveiling at the conference:

Obstetrics: The Operative Experience booth at IMSH will feature three different simulators that represent the most popular products from the C-Celia emergency obstetrics suite. Visitors will have the opportunity to try a hands-on demo of the C-Section Delivery Simulator, the Fetal Extraction Simulator, and the Postpartum Hemorrhage Simulator.

Tactical: For those more interested in point-of-injury simulations, OEI’s booth will feature a tactical simulator as well. The company’s latest version of its Tactical Casualty Care Simulator provides hyper-realistic TCCC training along with remote control from a tablet.

Surgical: IMSH 2017 will also showcase of one of Operative Experience’s latest, breakthrough surgical simulation products. The Damage Control Laparotomy Simulator provides training in procedures for severe, bleeding and combat-related abdominal injuries.

Bringing medical simulation technology into the 21st century, Operative Experience’s products are working to make simulation training more realistic as well as more efficient and cost-effective. From surgical and obstetric training to tactical training, these exciting, advanced simulation tools will be on display in hands-on fashion on the IMSH expo floor.

If you plan on attending IMSH make sure to stop by and see us at booth #300 and you can also sign up today for a one-on-one demo with one of our representatives: click here.

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