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A complete birthing experience simulation at Drexel

Students and teachers performing a delivery on a labor and delivery simulator

Operative Experience (OEI) was extremely fortunate to have been asked to take part in one of Drexel University College of Medicine’s monthly simulation training days for their obstetrics and gynecology faculty and residents. The purpose of the simulation day was to teach evaluation and procedures for operative deliveries using forceps and vacuum assist techniques. Drs. Owen Montgomery and Dipak Delvadia provided the instruction.

OEI provided two RealMom simulators and a C-Celia emergency C-Section simulator for the event. In addition to demonstrating multiple OA, OP, transverse and forceps deliveries, the instructors were able to include a unique scenario wherein the doctors determined that a forceps delivery was not going to be successful and were able to have the students experience an emergency transfer to a C-Section delivery.

Both instructors and residents agreed that the combination of the RealMom delivery simulator and the emergency C-Section simulator provided a unique and invaluable opportunity to simulate a complete birthing experience for learners – from normal and operative deliveries to emergency deliveries in the OR.

We will be producing video of the various procedures and observations over the coming weeks but here are some of the images of what was an incredibly successful and educational event.

Thanks to all the folks at Drexel University College of Medicine for affording OEI this wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the RealMom and C-Celia simulators in a real learning environment.

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