U.S. Military soldiers assisting an injured soldier while waiting for a medical helicopter to land A Global Leader in
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U.S. Military soldiers with an injured soldier waiting for a medical helicopter to land

OEI’s TCCS Simulator Nails It for the U.S. Military

The United States military is the largest in the world. Ensuring that more than one million service members build the requisite knowledge, skill, and proficiency they will rely on in life-or-death situations is a considerable challenge.

Some of the most critical training for the Department of Defense (DOD) is how to train soldiers and medics to attend to trauma patients during wartime.

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Grounded in History, Going Forward with Innovation

Operative Experience Inc. is no newcomer to simulation-based training. In fact, it began on those very shoulders of earlier generations of simulation-based pioneers. OEI’s Chairman and CEO, Lou Oberndorf, has a long history of pioneering in patient simulation as does the rest of the leadership team.

We take a look at how that history has helped mold Operative Experience into a healthcare simulation leader with a passion for innovation.

Seeing is Believing

A complete labor and delivery training suite. The Operative Experience Labor
and Delivery Suite includes five smart simulators that provide practitioners and
clinicians with the most comprehensive training experience.

Browse through some of our latest product videos to see how OEI’s incredibly realistic and lifelike simulation solutions could help enhance your healthcare training.

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Our executive team is reinventing healthcare simulation technology and innovation.

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