Fully operative physical simulators with unprecedented anatomical and surgical fidelity Cost effective procedural and operative repetition Can be incised, dissected, retracted and sutured using standard surgical instruments Surgical mastery assured through psycho-motor and cognitive testing

The OEI Training Paradigm

  • The OEI Training Process

    OEI believes that providing video-based instruction followed by repeated, systematic, mentored practice on high-fidelity physical simulators will dramatically reduce the time necessary to acquire competence in certain major surgical operations.


  • The OEI Advantage

    We believe OEI training is more effective, more efficient, and more realistic than cadaver, high tech, video based, and live tissue training (LTT) for many surgical procedures.


  • OEI Validation

    OEI is supporting its training claims through independent scientific studies that verify and validate its training efficacy.  Three validating studies are planned or in process.


  • Combat Surgical Training

    Deploying doctors and medics are often ill-prepared for the rigors of combat casualty care and combat trauma surgery. In response, OEI has created training courses using high fidelity and anatomically correct simulators…

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  • General Surgical Training

    General surgeons often lack hands-on experience in many surgical procedures upon completion of their residency program, according to a major study by the American Board of Surgery and the Association of Program Directors in Surgery, and Operative Experience Inc.’s simulation based curriculum can effectively fill the void…

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  • Humanitarian Surgical Training

    OEI is committed to using its technology to reduce mortality rates in third world countries.  As a recipient of an award through the USAID’s “Saving Lives at Birth” Program, OEI’s training systems will be used to reduce the 150,000 annual deaths that occur during childbirth…

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